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Whether you are new to the field of early learning or a seasoned practitioner, ongoing professional development is necessary and vital to your practice. These accessible and online learning opportunities on a variety of topics will help you evolve into the professional you want to be. Early childhood education is now becoming readily available online.

About Our Early Childhood Education Online Courses

We offer online learning resources year around so you can access your learning at a time that works best for you. Learning opportunities include


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All professional development opportunities including courses and webinars provide a certificate of completion.

Online Outdoor Play Training Course,

Developed by Drs. Beverlie Dietze and Diane Kashin

This self-guided, 12 learning modules, you will introduce you to new skills in designing outdoor play environments, supporting children’s outdoor play desires, and facilitating child-centered outdoor play programming. You will be encouraged to think about, reflect upon and engage with children in providing them with outdoor play experiences that expose them to the various facets of outdoor play and environments including exploratory, non-structured, and open-ended outdoor play opportunities.

These modules may be completed at your own pace during the defined timeframe. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The modules will take approximately three hours each to complete and are designed to be completed sequentially. There is also a facilitator who is available to assist you with questions or concerns. Once all 12 modules have been successfully completed, you will receive a certificate of completion to download showing 45 hours of professional development.

CCCF presents: Outdoor Play

A groundbreaking look at the role that outdoor play serves in the education and development of young minds. Learn to Integrate early learning and outdoor play theory. Promote understanding of adult roles and children’s practices. Completing this course will allow you to extend your awareness of why outdoor play is essential to children on a daily basis.

These modules may be completed at your own pace during the defined timeframes listed on the CCCF website. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please check back early 2021 to register for the next opportunity to take this course. 

The CCCF Presents: Family Child care Training.

So you want to open your own home child care….unsure where to start or want to know what’s involved? Download our free E book. This new resource is based on CCCF’s Family Child Care Training Manual, the only national family child care training manual, available in print for purchase in our e-store.

We updated the content into a FREE essential introduction with the following topics; setting up your child care home, the child care day, the business of home child care, starting off right and partnering with families. This free, informative resource will help guide your first steps in opening your own home child care. Each unit includes: Learning Objectives, The Basics, Activities, Chatter Boxes, For More Information, and Evaluation.

The Raffi Foundation Presents: A Course in Child Honouring

Join Raffi and educator Kristin Wiens in a compassion revolution. Based on Raffi’s Covenant For Honouring Children and its 9 principles, this is an interdisciplinary course in conscious living. Take the course to embrace Child Honouring and make it part of your life.

This is an interdisciplinary course with 10 modules of multi-media content including videos, interactive activities, distinguished guests, and Raffi’s insights and music.

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Anyone working in licensed child care has to apply for certification. You will find certification information for your province or territory on our child care certification page.

With your resume and cover letter ready (we’ll provide guides for this soon), contact child care centres and introduce yourself! You can call, email, or even message them on social media. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a reply. Try again a few days later to give them your resume in person. Remember that due to safety reasons you need to call first. Tell them you live in their area, and that you’re looking for a position.

On our provincial and territorial map we link to child care associations in your area. Follow the link to your association and join today. The associations provide valuable information to anyone starting out in their career. Even experienced ECEs can benefit. You’ll also enjoy valuable member benefits like discounts, meet other ECEs, and become a part of the child care movement in Canada.

If you join your provincial or territorial affiliate, you’re automatically also a member of the CCCF.

All licensed and regulated quality child care programs in Canada require these for the safety and security of children and families.

If you’re just starting out:

  1. Get certified!
  2. Find the requirements for your province or territory
  3. Write your resume and begin your job search. We’ll provide tips on this soon. 
  4. Get your vulnerable sector check and first aid training

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Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) are incredible professionals that have rewarding, important and demanding careers. They work with young children (and their families), ages 0-12, nurturing and educating them, observing and planning for their growth and development while ensuring that they are healthy. They create interactive and dynamic learning environments where children develop social skills, develop cognitive skills and foster lifelong learning. ECEs work in child care centres, classrooms, home child cares, preschool, and parent drop-in programs. You do not need a teaching degree to be an ECE, but you do need your ECE diploma.

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