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Welcome to our new CCCF

The new CCCF

Your community gathering place for Early Childhood Educators and all who care about children

It’s an exciting time for the CCCF and our Canadian ECE community! This week Minister Chrystia Freeland presented Canada’s federal fall economic update for ELCC, which included expanding funding to build a national child care system. There’s cause for optimism, perhaps change is at hand.

We’ve also undergoing big changes! Under the creative and technical stewardship of Kadima Digital, CCCF has launched a new dynamic website. This is how we can connect with you more meaningfully. This is where we collaborate, share knowledge, improve our practice and inspire each other to be our best. This means we are here for you even more — to connect you to the expertise you need for your profession with articles, news, research, stories and conversations from, and about, ECEs.  And this means we can all do more of what we do best — provide the best quality child care for children and families to make the world a better place. 

The first of its kind for our organization, the new website is a data driven, SEO optimized, online content presence—with global interactive features for optimum community collaboration. Welcome to your bigger, more connected Early Learning and Child Care community.

On our new site, you’re invited and encouraged to:

We hope you’ll explore features like:

This is how we can connect with you more meaningfully. This is where we collaborate, share knowledge, improve our practice, and inspire each other to be our best. This means we are here for you even more — to connect you to the expertise you need for your profession ”

We also thought we’d try to make our membership more valuable to those who help support our mission. This isn’t a sales pitch, we’re simply going to let you explore our all new membership benefits when you have a minute. We’re very excited for the new ECONOCOOP program, designed to save you money on everything you already purchase for your ELCC program. We know members will get tremendous value out of that as the membership pays for itself.

This journey started more than three years ago. CCCF contracted with Bramm and Associates to conduct surveys and host a few pan-Canadian focus groups with CCCF (and its affiliate) members across Canada. This knowledge and data led to an in-person session, facilitated by former CCCF Executive Director Sandra Griffin and with the support of Ink Agency, to create an important strategic brief. This brief is a foundational document providing the focus, purpose and background for creation of the new CCCF website and furthered our work with Kadima Digital. Taken collectively, we created a solid foundation of evidence and data to support our new direction. 

For answers to your site questions, please visit our FAQ

CCCF also wants to introduce you to our new logo, corporate image and corporate colours. After 33 years we kind of needed to update our look. Like it? We do. 

You’ll also see more frequent editorial replacing CCCF’s Interaction magazine with current articles, research and news posts for and by CCCF members and Canada’s ELCC sector. We’ll be engaging you more regularly via online platforms, webinars, live chats, and online courses for professional development to enhance your ELCC practice and career journey. 

Here’s to staying in touch! The CCCF

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We are a community of early childhood educators committed to achieving excellence in early learning and child care.

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Anyone working in licensed child care has to apply for certification. You will find certification information for your province or territory on our child care certification page.

With your resume and cover letter ready (we’ll provide guides for this soon), contact child care centres and introduce yourself! You can call, email, or even message them on social media. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a reply. Try again a few days later to give them your resume in person. Remember that due to safety reasons you need to call first. Tell them you live in their area, and that you’re looking for a position.

On our provincial and territorial map we link to child care associations in your area. Follow the link to your association and join today. The associations provide valuable information to anyone starting out in their career. Even experienced ECEs can benefit. You’ll also enjoy valuable member benefits like discounts, meet other ECEs, and become a part of the child care movement in Canada.

If you join your provincial or territorial affiliate, you’re automatically also a member of the CCCF.

All licensed and regulated quality child care programs in Canada require these for the safety and security of children and families.

If you’re just starting out:

  1. Get certified!
  2. Find the requirements for your province or territory
  3. Write your resume and begin your job search. We’ll provide tips on this soon. 
  4. Get your vulnerable sector check and first aid training

Join our Facebook Group and meet other ECEs who may be able to answer your questions

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) are incredible professionals that have rewarding, important and demanding careers. They work with young children (and their families), ages 0-12, nurturing and educating them, observing and planning for their growth and development while ensuring that they are healthy. They create interactive and dynamic learning environments where children develop social skills, develop cognitive skills and foster lifelong learning. ECEs work in child care centres, classrooms, home child cares, preschool, and parent drop-in programs. You do not need a teaching degree to be an ECE, but you do need your ECE diploma.

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Annual Membership rate $65 CAD.
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